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FlyPast January Issue Out Now


Hello and welcome to the January issue of FlyPast – a bumper issue to start off the new publishing year. This month we’ve got a special section dedicated to the men and machines of Bomber Command in World War Two.

I find the bravery of the bomber crews astonishing, as they went into the skies over Europe knowing their chances of returning weren’t great – indeed almost half of their number lost their lives during the course of the war. They did all that was asked of them and I’m pleased we can help to tell their story.

We couldn’t feature all the aircraft types that Bomber Command flew, but worry not, the other ‘heavies’ and strike aircraft will be included in our Spotlight series in due course.

Also in this month’s issue is a special From the Workshop – starting on page 100. In contrast to last month’s workshop article, which came from Duxford’s publicly-accessible Hangar 5, this time we’re reporting from a restoration centre that is very much a private facility. Within its confines is a bevy of Hawker Hurricanes that are intended to re-fly. A big thank you to Phil Lawton of Phoenix Aero Services for inviting us along. I hope you enjoy the feature, and the rest of this issue.

Nigel Price

This is the month that was…

In January 1942 the orders to activate the USAAF’s Eighth Air Force were given and the process of establishing a massive force of fighter and bomber aircraft began in earnest. Soon after, the ‘Mighty 8th’ moved to the UK from the USA and started its raids on ‘Fortress Europe’, from 68 major bases, plus another 50 or so lesser-used stations and airfields.

This is the month that is…

Today, the modern-day USAF occupies just two stations in the UK that are home to permanently-based flying units – Mildenhall and Lakenheath. Photo: Consolidated B-24s from the Eighth Air Force’s 93rd Bomb Group in formation. The aircraft nearest the camera is B-24D 41-24226 ‘Joisey Bounce’ and second is 41-24147 ‘The Duchess’. USAF

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