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Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero for sale



Boschung Global has added a Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero to its warbird inventory. The aircraft is currently available for purchase.

The hulk of the plane was found at Babo Airfield on Irian Jaya in what is now the Indonesian half of New Guinea. The legendary Bruce ‘Indiana’ Fenstermaker made a deal with local officials to obtain aircraft relics from the airfield in the early 1990s. Fenstermaker’s early actions in the area focused on an abandoned A6M3-22 Zero, which would become known as serial number 3869. The aircraft now for sale – 3858 – was the second of the three to be made airworthy.

The three Zeros hulks, in varying degrees of disrepair, arrived in California in June 1991. After research, the planes were assigned serial numbers 3869, 3858 and 3852. All were in very bad condition – with bomb damage, bullet holes, and years of corrosion from being exposed to the elements.

The first of the aircraft, SN 3869, flew in California in 1998. Marked as X-133, it is presently registered as N712Z and belongs to the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum in Dallas TX, USA. Currently the aircraft is based at Southern California Wing in Camarillo CA, USA.

This particular aircraft, SN 3858, was the second which flew (in 2000). The Zero departed for its ferry flight in March and has been delivered to NAS North Island CA, USA, for shipping to Honolulu, Hawaii, for the filming of the motion picture Pearl Harbor, which was released the following year.

SN 3852 was the last of the three Zeros to be completed and has been purchased by the Flying Heritage Museum (today FHCAM, collection of the late Paul G. Allen). The aircraft made its maiden flight in 2012 and is currently registered as N3852.

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