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Statement from Board of Super Constellation Flyers Association

Photo: Photo by Jurgen Schelling.


Further to the news story ‘Swiss Connie facing steep repair bill’ in the new issue of FlyPast (page 12), the Board of Super Constellation Flyers Association have made the following announcement:

“Our hopes did not come to pass. As of the SCFA’s last board meeting on April 23, 2019, the CHF 20 million needed to rebuild the Super Constellation “HB-RSC”’s wings have not been fully secured. As a result of the votes submitted by the association members during the general assembly on February 2, 2019, the decision has been made to dissolve the Super Constellation Flyers Association. Peter Manzoni will assume the role of the liquidator. The task of liquidating the SCFA will take several months.

“The fate of our Super Connie, however, has not been sealed completely. Over the coming weeks and months, we will decide what the future will hold for the “Star of Switzerland”. The board will do everything in their power to continue to allow the public access to the Connie in the future. ”

(Thanks to Jurgen Schelling for the photo)


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